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 Replacement Filter Cross

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Replacement Filter Cross Reference

 Measuring Guide


 Filter Sizes

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Unicel Filter Sizing




To search by dimensions measure your filter according to the following instructions.
  1. Measure the outside diameter of the cartridge. (inches, +/- 1/32)
  2. Measure the length of the cartridge. (inches, +/-1/16)
  3. Measure the inside diameter of the cartridge (inches, +/- 1/32)  If both the top and the bottom are both "open," measure the inside diameter of both the top and the bottom.
  4. Write down the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) name and model number if possible.
  5. Count the number of pleats and whether or not it has a center core.
  6. Find your cartridge using the next column.
  7. Enter the Unicel number (C-XXXX, FG-XXX) into one of the two search boxes.

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Using the dimensions you've taken.  Select from the list below.


  • 2"-3"

  • 4"-5"

  • 6"-7"

  • 8"-10"


    O.E.M. Cross Reference


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    Motor & Seal Cross Reference


    Motor & Seal Quick Reference

    O.E.M. Motor Cross Reference 


    Complete Reference Guide

     Full & Uprated Explained


    Motor Cross Reference by Frame




    Pool Tips

    Checklist for Maintenance Repair of Pool & Spa Pump 
    • Make sure to monitor skimmer baskets and strainer pots. This is your first line of defense. It is also a good idea to have an extra pump basket on hand to replace the existing one if damaged.

    • When checking the pump pot or strainer basket, make sure to inspect the oring as well. Make sure to clear any debris off the oring and the channel it sits in so a good seal is made. Look to see if the oring has stretched, cracked, or split. This would require the oring to be replaced. If the oring is stretched out but otherwise in good condition, it can be soaked in ice for a few minutes to shrink it back to proper size. Don't forget to treat the oring with silicone lube before replacing or reusing.

    • If the pumps impeller has become clogged, the filter pressure will drop along with the water flow. The only remedy for this is to remove the debris from the impeller. The pump must be disassembled to access the impeller at which point it can be cleaned.

    • Many times you will hear a loud howling or grinding sound coming from the motor. This is usually an indication that the lubricated sealed bearings in the motor have run dry. This is usually caused by water entering the motor due to pump seal failure, which is caused by allowing the pump to run dry. If this has happened, the bearings in the motor or the motor itself must be replaced. Make sure a new seal is installed during this repair. 

    • Most pumps on the market are labeled "self-priming," however they must still have a small amount of water to achieve priming. If the pump is not "priming," it is important to inspect the plumbing, orings, valves, and gaskets for potential air leaks preventing the pump from creating the suction needed to work properly.